Brewed in Tradition, Steeped in Quality

Delve into the heart of a family-owned tea legacy that spans over three decades at Goodwyn Tea. Our roots run deep in the verdant tea gardens, where every leaf is nurtured with care, tradition, and expertise honed over generations. As a proud producer-owned entity, we are at the helm at every stage of the tea journey — from the lush farms to your warm cup, ensuring an unbroken chain of quality and authenticity.

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What Our Customers Say

After many blind tastings, I have always loved the taste of Goodwyn's Darjeeling Tea & Green Tea. Amidst global brands, Goodwyn Tea is much superior in delivering quality standards and attractive packaging consistently.

Angad Pahwa, Tea & Hospitality Specialist

We find Goodwyn Tea an innovative tea brand. It not only has exceptional quality standards, extensive range and fine taste; it also offers a great value proposition.

Vinay Gupta, Samhi Group

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