Timeless Tea Excellence

As a three-decade-old family business, Goodwyn Tea embodies the expertise and tradition that comes with generations of experience. Being a producer-owned company ensures meticulous quality control at every step of the tea-making process, from tea farm to tea cup. Their commitment to single-origin teas guarantees an authentic and distinctive flavour profile, reflecting the unique characteristics of the region. By eliminating middlemen, Goodwyn Tea ensures a direct connection between consumers and the source, minimizing waiting times and offering fresher, high-quality teas.


What Our Customers Say

After many blind tastings, I have always loved the taste of Goodwyn's Darjeeling Tea & Green Tea. Amidst global brands, Goodwyn Tea is much superior in delivering quality standards and attractive packaging consistently.

Angad Pahwa, Tea & Hospitality Specialist

We find Goodwyn Tea an innovative tea brand. It not only has exceptional quality standards, extensive range and fine taste; it also offers a great value proposition.

Vinay Gupta, Samhi Group

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