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Over the years, Goodwyn Tea has established itself as a trusted name in the tea industry, known for its premium quality and exquisite blends. Our commitment to delivering the finest tea experiences has attracted a diverse range of B2B clients who value exceptional taste and craftsmanship.

Our esteemed B2B clients pan-India comprise various establishments, including renowned hotels, restaurants, cafes, and tea boutiques. Their discerning clientele appreciate the rich flavours and distinctive characteristics of our teas, which are carefully curated from our own tea gardens in Assam.

Ready to chai something new? Our kettles are on, and we're brewing up more than just tea! Whether you've got a burning chai question, a tea-rrific idea, or just want to spice up our day with a friendly 'hello,' we're all ears (and mugs)! Drop us a line below, and let's stir up some chai-tastic conversations!

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