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Meet Rohan and Rahul Sirohia, the dynamic duo behind Goodwyn Tea, a renowned producer brand that has been making waves in the tea industry since its establishment in 2011. As third-generation entrepreneurs, they have not only inherited a passion for tea but have also elevated it to new heights.

Headquartered in Kolkata, India, Goodwyn Tea is not just a tea company; it is a brand that is dedicated to delivering the finest quality and authentic tea experiences. What sets them apart is their ownership of tea estates, allowing them complete control over the entire production process. From cultivating and nurturing the tea plants to handpicking the leaves, Rohan and Rahul personally oversee every step, ensuring that only the best leaves are used in their blends.

Goodwyn Tea takes pride in offering single-origin teas, which means each tea blend can be traced back to a specific tea estate. This focus on provenance ensures that tea enthusiasts savor the distinctive flavors and characteristics unique to each origin.

In addition to their commitment to producing exceptional tea, Rohan and Rahul have also expanded Goodwyn Tea into the realm of corporate gifting. Recognising the power of tea to bring people together, they have curated an exquisite collection of tea gifts, perfect for businesses and individuals looking to create meaningful connections through the art of gifting.

With their unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, Rohan and Rahul Sirohia have successfully positioned Goodwyn Tea as a go-to brand for tea enthusiasts and corporate clients alike. Their pursuit of excellence and passion for tea continue to drive their success, making Goodwyn Tea a trusted name in the industry.

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